The Dawn of OCNEx: A New Odyssey


For Immediate Release: [Singapore, August 8th, 2018] 

OdysseyProtocol successfully signs agreement with leading digital exchange provider OKEx, to develop the world’s first digital asset trading platform dedicated to the sharing economy.

Odyssey Protocol officially signs agreement with OKEx, to develop OCNEx, one of the first partners from the batch of cooperative open exchanges.

OCNEx is a critical development in the Odyssey project lifecycle bringing new attention and liquidity to the Odyssey project.

Odyssey will be able to leverage OKEx’s leading technical and customer service infrastructure for OCNEx’s launch.

Soon to go live, OCNEx is being watched closely by the Odyssey Protocol and $OCN community of over 250,000 members worldwide. Odyssey Protocol boasts not only one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency community, but also one of the world’s most passionate and engaged.

The uniqueness of OCNEx will stem from it being the world’s first trading platform dedicated to the sharing economy, where users will be rewarded based upon their trading by mining activities.

OCNEx will bring great liquidity and adoption to the $OCN platform and its related tokens such as OCP. Holders could encounter special privileges such as voting rights and access to new airdrops.

Odyssey Protocol will be one of the only projects in the crypto economy, to bring about such mass adoption and circulation to their token with uniquely positioned advantage such as OCNEx.

With Odyssey’s core commitment of building a future peer-to-peer trading ecosystem, and with the strong community base, both domestically and internationally, OCNEx’s success will depend on the strong support Odyssey continues to receive from the $OCN, and soon to be $OCP community.

On OCNEx, we could see endless possibilities for rewarding its community, such as:
The listing and Hosting new trading pairs with $OCN and $OCP
Increased liquidity and attention to the Odyssey community on an unprecedented level
Rewards based transactions based upon a trading by mining scenario
The Odyssey team continues to achieve high levels of success on its roadmap and goals, and developing its own top-tier exchange will allow the project to catapult to new heights, shared only with a select few crypto projects globally.

The world is watching as OCNEx goes live in August of 2018 leaving not only its mark in the sharing economy, but cementing its status globally as the go to place to trade digital assets, and its users be rewarded for doing so.

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