Odyssey(OCN) Officially Releases OCPay Android Beta With V1.0 In Early July


Founded in Singapore early 2018, Odyssey (OCN) is among the fastest growing blockchain project globally.

· OCPay has the ability to manage, store, and track a variety of Cryptocurrencies

· OCPay has direct Merchant Integration where businesses can safely and securely support Digital Currencies

29th June 2018 — Singapore — Singapore based blockchain company Odyssey Protocol, a leading provider in the decentralized sharing economy and P2P global transaction space has announced OCPay, the highly anticipated mobile wallet for Odyssey and its digital asset $OCN. OCPay is launched on Beta on Android. OCpay V1.0 release for Android and IOS will be rolled out in early July with additional features added in the near future.

OCpay app is a crypto asset management tool integrating peer-to-peer transactions, enabling integration with third-party apps and interfaces through MicroApp, and access to market information.
With OCPay, you can easily create and import digital wallets, make instant face-to-face transactions via QR codes, and track real-time digital market information to acquire market changes timely.
In terms of security, authoritative encryption schemes are used to ensure confidentiality of private keys and prevent leaking mnemonics. Your virtual assets and transactions are strongly protected.

The release of OCPay is in line with Odyssey (OCN) goal to build an infrastructure for mass adoption that will allow merchants to integrate their existing payment systems to be used seamlessly by the OCPay users.

Sophie Guan, Project Lead at Odyssey Protocol, stated “the rollout of OCPay globally shows great progress is being made on our Roadmap at Odyssey, and we look forward to the further adoption of Crypto Currencies and $OCN”

Try OCPay Beta already now on Android. Follow the link below:



About the Company:

Odyssey(OCN) is initiated by Odyssey Protocol Foundation, registered in Singapore.

Odyssey (OCN) ’s mission is to build the next-generation decentralized sharing economy & Peer to Peer Ecosystem. Odyssey (OCN) aims to reduce overall operating cost, increase marketplace efficiency and boost ROI of product & service providers in the Global sharing economy & peer to peer ecosystem.

To learn more visit the Website : http://www.ocoins.cc/home/index.php

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