Odyssey Protocol continues the technical developments of OCN Chain, OCPay and ongoing projects with additional allocation of tokens to the Odyssey Development Fund. The Odyssey Development Fund was initiated in April 2018. The Odyssey Development Fund (ODF) will:

●      Be funded through a (recurring/continuing/) grant from the Odyssey Protocol Foundation

●      Ensure global business development teams, partner opportunities, and ecosystem contributions are properly capitalized

●      Fund strategic missions of team development and technical development of OCPay, $OCN chain

●      During June 2018: Additional 10 % of Odyssey Protocol Foundation´s tokens will be allocated to Odyssey Development Fund for ecosystem investment and exchange platform costs.

The Odyssey Development Fund is a sustainable and self-funded approach to finance the ongoing developments of the Odyssey Protocol Foundation. This measure now guarantees underwriting for Odyssey’s objectives while building the future Odyssey Ecosystem.




About Odyssey:


Odyssey(OCN) is initiated by Odyssey Protocol Foundation, registered in Singapore.

Odyssey brings together our robust cross-protocol blockchain with convenient and interoperable cryptocurrency transaction capabilities, delivered by ourselves and a network of offerings spanning from OCPay to Odyssey Wallet, from businesses to services within the Odyssey ecosystem. Together we provide a bouquet of global e-services including payment options and boosts in networking to the sharing economy and more fields you can imagine.


A universal protocol based on trust and credit for a world of possibilities.


To learn more visit the Website :http://www.ocoins.cc/

Chat with us on Telegram:https://t.me/OdysseyOfficial

Connect on Twitter — https://twitter.com/OdysseyOCN

See our Github — https://github.com/OdysseyOCN